Chris is extremely dedicated to providing unbeatable service- his positive attitude and genuine commitment to delivering the best for his client’s shines through on every day. I truly enjoyed working with Chris and appreciate the proactive and tireless devotion he offered towards each of our marketing campaigns. – Catherine Cornish


Having worked with many organizations that offer a similar service to Future Flow Media, I must say that I’ve always appreciated how solutions-oriented Chris is. When I work with him, I feel like we’re partnering to get the job done right.

He’s organized, innovative, and always looking for ways to improve both his customers’ and the end-users’ experience. And it shows not only in how smoothly the projects are run but, more importantly, in the end results.

I highly recommend working with Chris and his team at Future Flow Media, and hope to one day have the opportunity to work with him again. – Erin Barker


Chris O’Neill is an extremely persistant, determined, and hardworking individual. He differentiates himself from other sales people by taking the time to really understand the solutions that he is selling. In my opinion, he is a perfect salesman due to his technical understanding and sales expertise. – Peter Hrabinsky


Chris O’Neill provided IT networking and communications services to my local Member of the Legislative Assembly [MLA] client in British Columbia in ’05. His attitude, action and accountability were remarkable. His focus on client care was commendable and his skills and service delivery were second-to-none. – George Hofsink


After meeting Chris I quickly discovered that he is a true professional and a highly-motivated individual. He is creative, innovative and possesses many leadership qualities that allow him to undertake several projects and initiatives with great success. He definitely demonstrated his drive and passion for “Team Burnaby” as an IT Professional. – Jesse McClinton